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Emergency Services Officer

Emergency Services Officer (ES)
CAPR 20-1, pp. 28-29

Manages and directs emergency services activities.  They shall: 

            Develop agreements with agencies responsible for search, domestic emergencies, and civil defense. 

            Develop and maintain an adequate emergency service force. 

            Develop training programs to ensure that highly qualified ES personnel are available for search and rescue, and disaster relief missions. 

            Develop plans and standard operating procedures to support the wing’s emergency services program. 

            Maintain records to determine the status of resources (personnel, vehicles aircraft, radios and other emergency equipment) available for ES missions. 

            Develop and maintain a rapid alerting system for assembling necessary resources in a timely manner. 

The emergency services officer should be familiar with CAPP 213, CAPR 50-15,  CAPR 55-1, CAPR 60-1 and CAPP 2.