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Professional Development

Professional Development Officer (PDO)
CAPR 20-1, p. 34

Manages and directs the CAP professional development program.  They shall:
            Know directives applicable to professional development programs. 

            Know the structure of the CAP professional development program and senior member activities. 

            Maintain an adequate stock of applicable forms. 

            Assist other members in proper completion of forms. 

            Maintain unit training records. 

            Maintain a unit training library. 

            Operate audio-visual equipment.

            Assure security of training examinations. 

            Prepare documentation in support of training awards for the commander’s review. 

            Submit applications for awards. 

            Coordinate member training accomplishments with other members of the staff. 

The professional development officer should be familiar with CAPP 204, CAPR 50-17 and other directives in the 35, 39, 50, 52, 200, 280, and 900 series.