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Health Services

Medical - Health Services Officer
CAPR 20-1, pp. 41-42

Responsible for advising CAP commanders and units on the health, sanitation and hygiene of CAP members relevant to CAP activities.  (See CAPR 160-1 for policy on emergency medical treatment).  They shall: 

            Assists the ES Officer in arranging or providing training in first aid and emergency lifesaving measures to include medically recognized cardiopulmonary resuscitation             
            (CPR) techniques. 

            Provide bloodborne pathogen protection training including preventive measures. 

            Report bloodborne pathogen exposures and ensure that those members exposed obtain appropriate follow-up medical care from non-CAP sources. 

            Advise members to obtain necessary physical examinations from their personal physicians and to complete emergency treatment consent forms where required by             
            regulation to participate in various Civil Air Patrol activities.  NOTE:  Under no circumstances will CAP medical personnel perform physical examinations as part of their     
            Civil Air Patrol duties. 

            Arrange for necessary medical training materials.  Supplies and equipment for unit missions or special activities.

            Maintain first aid kits for medical emergencies.  (See CAPR 160-1 for policy on emergency medical treatment.) 

            Generally advise commanders and unit personnel on preventive medicine matters relevant to CAP activities. 

            Plan conferences and meetings pertaining to special affairs. 

Medical officers should be familiar with all CAP directives in the 160 series and applicable portions of CAPRs 55-1, 50-15, 52-16, 50-17 and 62-2.