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Logistics Officer (LG)
CAPR 20-1, p. 36

Manages and directs the logistics program to include the areas of supply, transportation, maintenance, and installation engineering.  They shall: 

            Advise the commander on status of logistics programs and establish logistics policies. 

            Review budget requirements of logistics activities and direct consolidation of logistics budget. 

            Be responsible for real property management in accordance with CAPR 87-1. 

The logistics officer should be familiar with the CAP directives in the series indicated below: 
            Transportation matters                76, 77 series 

            Usage of DOD real property         87 series 

            Aircraft status/inventory           67 series 

            Aircraft marking                          66 series 

            Aircraft maintenance                 66 series 

            Supply matters                             67 series 

            VSI/HIS Insurance Matters       900 series

Responsible for all matters pertaining to supply.  They shall: 

            Ensure proper accountability for CAP property. 

            Be responsible for receipt, issue, storage and proper disposal of all CAP property. 

            Be responsible for effecting distribution and recovery of property in coordination with the transportation officer. 

            Recommend to the commander the allocation or reallocation of property within the unit. 

The supply officer should be familiar with CAPP 206 and CAP directives in the 67 and 87 series.