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Information Technology

Information Technology Officer (ITO)

Manages and directs all information technology related activities. They shall:

            Manage and direct unit Information Technology (IT) programs.

            Serve as the unit Web Security Administrator (WSA) responsible for assigning and editing permissions for assigned members (if allowed by applicable Wing policy).

            Ensure that Operational Security (OPSEC), Information Security (INFOSEC), virus definition and appropriate software updates are performed in a timely manner.

            Develop and implement local unit IT policies and procedures in support of CAP's missions.

            Develop and implement training programs for unit members to ensure efficient use of all IT assets.

            Oversee the development and maintenance of the unit’s website.

            Submit IT feedback and suggested improvements of information systems to higher headquarters on a quarterly basis.

            Assist the unit commander in generating up-to-date measurable performance data extracted from available information systems.

            Support Function (CAP Help Desk - Unit Level):
                        Provide network administration and support.

                        Provide support for all approved hardware.
                        Provide support of all approved software.

                        Track IT related support issues and inquiries for submission, through proper channels, to higher headquarters.

            Other IT related duties as required.

The Information Technology Officer (ITO) should be familiar with CAPR 110-1 - Internet Operations as well as any current policies regarding operational security (OPSEC) awareness training, and Information Security (INFOSEC). The ITO should also be familiar with CAPP 227 - Information Technology Officer Specialty Track, and all related publications for National e-Services applications.