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CAPR 20-1, p. 43

Manages and directs historical activities to include: 

            Developing policies and procedures that relate to historical activities. 

            Establishing and conducting a program for the publishing of general and special histories, monographs, studies, and similar works for issue both internally and externally             
            to CAP. 

            Establishing and conducting a program to specifically inform the general public as to the history of CAP as it relates to CAP’s current missions. 

            Issuing bibliographies, catalogs, indices, and abstracts containing information relative to publications relating to CAP history.

            Establishing and conducting a program of the collection and preservation of items of historical significance either of a documentary or physical property nature. 

            Establishing and conducting an oral history program. 

            Representing the Civil Air Patrol at meetings of historical and other learned societies. 

The Historian should be thoroughly familiar with CAPR 210-1 (the Civil Air Patrol Historical Program) and other internal and external publications relating to historical activities.