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Cadet Programs

Deputy Commander For Cadets
CAPR 20-1, p. 44

Directs and evaluates implementation of the CAP cadet program within the squadron.  They shall: 

            Coordinate to assure attainment of  cadet program objectives and adherence to cadet program directives. 

            Ensure Cadet Protection policies and training are in place and being enforced. 

            Select and supervise the senior member staff officers to direct the cadet program. 

            Monitor funds and property used  for cadet program. 

The deputy commander for cadets should be familiar with all CAP directives, with particular emphasis on directives in the 35, 50, and 280 series.  Also, he/she should be familiar with cadet program aerospace education texts and other training materials described in the CAP Bookstore Catalog, CAPR 0-2 and CAPR 0-9.