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Chaplain & Character Development

CAPR 20-1, p. 40

The chaplain is a member of the commander’s staff at all echelons of command, and as such is the advisor to the commander and his/her staff on matters of religion, morals, and the well-being of personnel under his/her command.  The chaplain implements and executes the CAP Chaplain Service program as recommended by the Chaplain Service Advisory council and as stated in CAPR 265-1.  This program includes, but is not limited to:

            Providing pastoral care of senior and cadet members, including counseling, visitation, encouragement, and other special assistance as the chaplain may be able to provide. 

            Performing professional functions as necessary, for example, religious services, liturgies, pastoral counseling, etc. 

            Conducting moral leadership programs as outlined in the CAPP 265 series entitled “Values for Living,” and CAPR 52-16. 

            Participating as chaplains in cadet summer encampments and other cadet activities.  (Reference CAPR 52-16.) 

            Participating in Emergency Services missions and exercises by providing a chaplain presence and resource for members participating in the mission/exercise and those on             
            the scene who may be in distress. 

            Participating in ecclesiastical public relations activities. 

The specific duties of CAP chaplains at each echelon of command are stated in CAPR 265-1.  Every chaplain should be familiar with the following CAP directives:  CAPR 20-1, CAPR 265-1, CAPP 221, CAPP 221A and  CAPP 265-4. 

Character Development Officer
CAPR 20-1, pp. 40-41

The moral leadership officer is an individual active in and approved by their denomination or faith group.  CDO's are part of the CAP Chaplain Service, but have different qualifications and different responsibilities than chaplains.  CDO's will: 

            Complete training requirements for moral leadership officers. 

            Develop moral leadership seminars for cadets. 

            Provide non-clergy support to assist chaplains in providing ministry to the CAP community. 

            Perform CDO duties under the direction of a chaplain when one is assigned to their unit.  When a chaplain is not assigned, the CDO works under the direction of the unit         
            commander and wing chaplain.