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Encampment & RCLS Graduation This Saturday

posted Jul 7, 2011, 2:47 PM by Lt Col CAP NJWG/GRA KING, ZACHARY Z

Sorry to send out to the whole list, I know not all of you have your cadets at Basic Encampment.

First, my apologies for the unavailability of the Encampment web site.  Apparently they have not been able to stabilize that web server since the thunderstorms and power outages last weekend up at the base.  I hope all of you have been able to see a more limited selection of the pictures on Facebook.

As to details for the graduation this Saturday:

  • Graduation is scheduled to start at 1100 (11:00 am).  The primary location is Doughboy Field, located roughly across the street from the Timmerman Center on 8th Street, on the Fort Dix side of the base.  The indoor alternative for inclement weather will be the Timmerman Center.
  • I recommend you arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to get through base security.  If you did not register for the entry access on EventBrite, be sure to use the main McGuire gate Visitor's Center.
  • Graduation ceremonies will be concluded by Noon, and the Cadets will be transported back to Building 5652 (same place you took them for in-processing) to out-process, pick up their baggage, and go home!
  • If you have any questions, please call me.  If you have problems getting on the base, I will be arriving at approximately 1045 hours.  If you are there earlier, you can contact Major Jack Soldano at (201) 522-3187.
  • I will have to depart immediately after graduation to get to the Carranza Memorial Ceremony, so I won't be going back the 5652 for the out-processing, but I look forward to seeing all of you at the Graduation Ceremony.

If there are any Encampment cadet parents that you are aware of that are not on this list, please pass this message along.


Lt Col Bob Jennings, CAP

Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron