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Annual Carranza Memorial This Saturday, Cadets Needed for Color Guard

posted Jul 7, 2011, 12:57 PM by Lt Col CAP NJWG/GRA KING, ZACHARY Z


This Saturday is the 83rd annual Emilio Carranza memorial program, held in Wharton State Forest near Tabernacle, NJ, hosted by American Legion Post 11.  Once again, CAP is invited to provide support for the event.  Normally, our 225 sibling squadron, Air Victory Museum Composite out of S. Jersey Regional in Lumberton furnishes the Color Guard.  However, because of Basic Encampment, both AVM and Schweiker are short of available Cadets.

If you are able to participate, as a part of either the Color Guard or Honor Guard, please let me know immediately, and make sure to copy Capt Gary Growney (, who is coordinating Cadets from AVM.  As I have to go up to the Joint Base for Encampment Graduation earlier that morning, I will not be able to provide transportation.  If there is a parent who could provide car-pooling for our cadets, that would be awesome -- please let me know by e-mail.  Directions to the site are available at  Arrival time at the Memorial is 12:30 (on a Saturday during the summer, count on about 45 minutes from the Armory), the ceremony usually takes about an hour, and light snacks and refreshments are usually served at a nearby indoor location, courtesy of the American Legion.

Uniform of the day is short sleeve Blues, no tie.

If you're not familiar with the story of Capt Emilio Carranza (the "Lindbergh of Mexico") and the story of the Carranza Memorial, you can learn more at

Hope to see a big (less the 13 cadets we have at the Encampment) showing from Schweiker!


Lt Col Bob Jennings, CAP

Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron