About Jack Schweiker Squadron

Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron (NJ-059) is headquartered at the NJ Army National Guard Armory in Cherry Hill.  Schweiker is a composite squadron in Civil Air Patrol, which means it has both an active cadet program and is operationally capable to perform CAP's emergency services missions.  Schweiker Squadron meets on Monday nights from 1900 (7 pm) to 2100 (9 pm).

Schweiker Squadron began in the 1940s as the Gloucester County Cadet Squadron and, in its 50+ year history, has met at airports, government facilities, schools and even churches.  In the early 1960s, the squadron amended its charter to become the Gloucester County Composite Squadron.  During the late 1970s, the squadron's meeting locations moved to Camden County, but retained the Gloucester County name.  Early in the 1990s, as the unit's home was now clearly Camden County, and after considering several different possibilities, the unit was renamed to honor former commander, Capt Jack Schweiker, CAP, who succumbed to a heart attack while performing a CAP Search and Rescue (SAR) mission.  The squadron has been instrumental in establishing other units throughout New Jersey Wing, including:  Cape May County Composite Squadron; the Camden Cadet Flight (now Atlantic County Composite Squadron), and; the Air Victory Museum Composite Squadron at South Jersey Regional Airport (VAY) in Lumberton.  The squadron moved to its' current home at the Cherry Hill National Guard Armory in 1998.

The squadron's motto is Primus Inter Pares, Latin for "first among equals".  Jack Schweiker Composite Squadron has led the way for New Jersey Wing over its' 50 year history, and we truly think of ourselves as one of the leading CAP units in New Jersey Wing.

Accomplishments & Honors:

2016      NJ Wing Squadron of Merit
2007      NJ Wing Squadron of Merit
2002      Unit Citation (part of CAP Northeast Region unit citation for performance after 9/11)
1999      Northeast Region Squadron of Distinction
1999      National Squadron of Merit
[Year]    Unit Citation (for assistance in standing up Cape May County Composite Squadron)
[Year]    Unit Citation (for assistance in standing up Camden Cadet Flight)

Distinguished Alumni:

Capt Jack Schweiker                               The squadron's namesake.

Cadet Clyde Benfold                      Former cadet member of Gloucester County Cadet Squadron who posthumously received the nation's highest
                                                          award for valor -- the Medal of Honor -- while serving as a Navy Corpsman during the Korean Conflict.

Lt Col Marianne Ferland              Lt Col Ferland began her CAP service at Schweiker and went on to Northeast Region Chief of Staff (2004 - 2006)

Col Cornelius "Mike" Flynn       Col Flynn began his CAP service at Schweiker and went on to command NJ Wing (2002 - 2004)

Capt David Maver V                         Capt Maver completed the highest Cadet achievement in Civil Air Patrol -- the Carl Spaatz award, and the 
                                                             accompanying promotion to Cadet Colonel.  Capt Maver was also Civil Air Patrol's National Cadet of the
                                                             Year in 2006.

Col Robert McCabe                          Col McCabe began his CAP service at Schweiker and went on to command NJ Wing (2005 - 2009)

Col David Mull                                   Col Mull began his CAP service with Schweiker, was the Northeast Region Vice Commander from 2005 - 2009, and
                                                                       served as the NJ Wing Commander from 2009-2013

Lt Col Jennifer Rudolph             Lt Col Jennifer Rudolph, a former cadet and US Air Force Academy student, received the NJ Wing and Northeast
                                                                       Region John V. "Jack" Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year award for 2007

Lt Col Edward "Ted" Schober   Squadron Commander, 1992 - 1994.  Former Group 225 Commander and NJ Wing Vice Commander and 
                                                                        Chief of Staff, Delaware Wing

Lt Col Dennis Walton                    Lt Col Walton was the Squadron Commander for more than 12 years, from 1994 to 2006, served as the Group 225
                                                                      Commander, and is currently the Director of Emergency Services at NJ Wing.  Lt Col Walton has also been honored
                                                                       as the NJ Wing Senior Member of the Year and received the Brig Gen F. Ward Reilly award in 1999

Past Commanders:

Jack Schweiker Cadet/Composite Squadron
1st Lt Timothy W. Sperry        17 December 2018 - present
1st Lt Julio Pastoriza                18 July 2018 - 17 December 2018
1st Lt Renee A. Messina            7 June 2017 - 18 July 2018
Lt Col Andre Ferland                9 December 2013 - 7 June 2017
Lt Col Robert Jennings              2010 - 9 December 2013
Capt Donald Cameron               2009 - 2010
Maj Robert Eboch                      2006 - 2009
Maj Dennis Walton                    1994 - 2006
Lt Col Edward Schober             1992 - 1994
Maj Dominik Urso                      
Capt Bryon Schweiker               1988- 1992

Gloucester County Cadet Squadron (29059, NJ-059)
Maj Wayne Ingling                     1984 -1986
Maj Elwood Alfred                     1981 - 1984
Capt Jack Schweiker                 November 1976 - 1978
Maj Alfred Elwood                     April 1970- May 1976
Arthur Haynes                            March 1970
Maj Walter E. Stanton              1961-1968

Past Cadet Commanders:

C/LtCol Alyrica Lackey                 2018 - present
C/LtCol Chance Euchler            2017 - 2018
C/1st Lt Kevin Lauer                    2017
C/1st Lt Elisabeth Lackey            2016 - 2017
C/Lt Col David DeBenedictis        2015 - 2016
C/Maj Domenico Vacanti               2014 - 2015
C/CMSgt John Bohem                      2013 - 2014
C/2nd Lt Michael Navarro            2012 - 2013
C/2nd Lt Jason Trommer              2011 - 2012
C/1st Lt Nicholas Birbilis              2010 - 2011
C/2nd Lt Donald Cameron, III     2009 - 2010         
C/Capt Nicholas Jennings             2008 - 2009
C/2nd Lt Zachary Thibault          2007 - 2008
C/Capt Paul Jennings                    2005 - 2007
C/Maj Dave Maver                        2004 - 2005

Schweiker members who attended U.S. Military Academies:

Domenico Vacanti                      U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 2019
Holly Harrington                       U.S. Military Academy, Class of 2016
Nicholas Birbilis                        U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Class of 2015
Stephen Groff                             U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 2012
Brad Smith                                 U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 2012
Andrew Borders                        U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 2010
Jennifer Rudolph                       U.S. Air Force Academy, Class of 1998

Schweiker members awarded the General Carl "A" Spaatz Award

C/Col David Maver V                February 2007 #1628
C/Col David DeBenedictis      July 2016 #2054